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State officials won’t be able to use Ulster County seal for SAFE Act

KINGSTON >> State officials will be prohibited from use of the official Ulster County seal for any purpose under a resolution that began as opposition to the way gun laws were tightened without public comment.

The restriction was adopted during a county Legislature meeting Tuesday, with the final resolution coming after a Democratic caucus that had lawmakers rejecting sections that would have prohibited state use of the county’s name or address.

“We can’t tell (the state) not to use the name of Ulster County,” legislative attorney Cappy Weiner said.

“Unless you copyrighted the name Ulster County you can’t tell someone not to use the name Ulster County,” he said. “It’s in the public domain … The seal is different. You created the seal. Our charter addresses it.”

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Ulster County resolution opposing NY SAFE

Ulster County Resolution opposing NY SAFE

Ulster County Resolution 52-13 by Evan Hempel

Update 2012-02-05: The Resolution passed the committee unanimously.

Update 2012-02-19: The Resolution passed 14-8

Gun control advocates in Ulster sign petition

Ulster gun rights enthusiasts have flexed their muscles in recent weeks, showing up by the hundreds to oppose New York’s new gun law.

Now, gun control advocates are finally firing back.

Nearly 270 residents have signed an online petition opposing Ulster County’s proposed call for a repeal of the newly enacted gun regulations.

“We do not see (the Second Amendment) as a rights that trumps all other rights, including the right of citizens to be free from deadly violence,” reads part of the resolution.

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Ulster County Legislature Republicans want state gun law repealed (with proposed resolution)

Siding with the more than 200 people who packed the Ulster County Legislature’s chambers last month in opposition to new gun regulations, Republicans on the Ulster County Legislature are calling on state lawmakers to repeal the state’s new gun control law.

Majority Leader Kenneth Ronk has introduced a resolution calling for the state to repeal sections of the New York SAFE Act “which infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” and to hold hearings to address the issue of gun violence “in a way that will produce meaningful results.”

The resolution is co-sponsored by the entire 12-member GOP caucus in the 23-member Legislature, virtually assuring its clear passage through both legislative committees this week and the full Ulster County Legislature later this month.

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Resolution Text

Ulster County lawmakers withdraw gun control resolution

Ulster County Legislators Don Gregorius and David Donaldson have withdrawn a resolution calling on the federal government to implement nationwide gun regulations.

The action by the two Democrats comes just days after hundreds of gun rights advocates descended on a Legislature meeting to decry gun control laws. But Gregorius said the outcry did not play a role in the decision.

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Gun rights advocates overwhelm Ulster County Legislature session

Hundreds of Second Amendment supporters came out Tuesday night to the Ulster County Legislature meeting, to protest a resolution being considered by the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee. The proposal, which appears to have little support among legislators, sought to request Congress and the President to respond to December’s Sandy Hook shootings with unspecified legislation for further gun control.

So many members of the public attended, that the meeting room overflowed into the 6th floor corridor of the Ulster County Office Building in Kingston, filling the corridor tight with people from end to end. Fifty members of the public expressed their concerns during 2 ½ hours of public comment.

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Ulster County Legislator resolution supporting anti-gun agenda

The Ulster Co. Legislature has drafted a resolution which essentially
supports the Obama antigun agenda.

The resolution will be discussed at the Public Safety Committee
meeting on February 5 at 5:30pm at the Ulster County Law Enforcement Center, Rotunda, 380 Boulevard, Kingston.

Proposed Ulster Country resolution

Update: This resolution did NOT pass.

Ulster County considers resolution asking Congress to pass stricter gun laws

KINGSTON – Ulster County officials held a lively discussion over life and death issues Tuesday night, grappling with gun control and traffic problems. In the end, though, several items remained deadlocked between members of the legislature’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee.

Top of the agenda was a resolution asking the U.S. Congress to pass stricter gun laws, in the wake of last month’s tragic school shooting in Connecticut. “We either do something, or we do nothing, and doing nothing is not an option for me,” said Legislator Donald Gregorius.

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