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Hammond opposes NY SAFE Act

As of March 12, Hammond joined 39 townships and 14 law enforcement agencies in the state who have voiced their disapproval with the state’s new law, dubbed the New York State Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, or NYSAFE.

The resolution, written by Councilor Howard Demick, said the state’s lack of proper debate and discussion was a “flawed approach to the issue and a breach of government authority” and an infringement on the Second Amendment.

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Village of West Carthage resolution calling for repeal of the NY SAFE Act

Approved by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees on March 25th

Village of West Carthage by Evan Hempel

Fenner town board formally opposes state gun law

The town of Fenner has joined the ranks of an increasing number of municipalities around New York to formally oppose the state’s recent gun restriction law — and recently received support for its move from local Assemblyman Bill Magee.

The Fenner Town Board approved Resolution No. 2, “Opposing the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Act of 2013” at its regular February meeting.

The resolution declares the law “fundamentally alters or abridges the right to keep and bear arms without addressing the problem of gun violence,” that it creates an environment hostile to gun manufacture and ownership and imposes burdensome new regulations on legal gun owners. It calls upon the state legislature and the governor to “annul this ill-conceived and poorly drafted statute.”

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Two Resolutions Passed by Kendall Town Board

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Kendall Town Board unanimously passed two resolutions. The first resolution opposes the NY SAFE Act. The second resolution asks for legislation to protect the privacy of New York State pistol license and concealed carry permit holders.

Kendall repeal resolution

Kendall pistol permit holders

Town of Boston Board asks that SAFE Act be reversed

After weeks of anticipation, the Boston Town Board held a public hearing regarding the New York State Safe Act in an effort to hear the opinions of town residents regarding the recent state legislation.

Several residents in attendance, including Councilman Jay Boardway, made it very clear where they stand in relation to the government’s attempt to regulate the use of firearms in this state.


Finally, the board formally resoled “that the town board of the town of Boston urgently ask (Cuomo) and the legislative leaders to suspend this law as soon as possible and to look at all the aspects of gun control using the proper legal procedure to bring about a law that will address gun control in a more logical manner, focusing on the real issue related to gun control – a law that will strengthen the effect on public safety and not infringe upon our constitutional rights.”

This resolution was unanimously approved by the board and was to be forwarded to Cuomo, Honorable Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Majority Leader of Independent Democratic Caucus Jeff Klein, Honorable Senate Minority Leader John Sampson, Honorable Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver, Honorable Leader of the Assembly Ron Canestrari, Honorable Minority Leader of the Assembly Brian Kolb and the Western New York Delegation and Erie County Legislators.

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Town of Hamlin Passes Resolution

In Monroe County, the Town of Hamlin Board  unanimously passed a Resolution in Support of the Second Amendment. This resolution was passed at the board meeting on March 11th, 2013.

Part of the resolution reads, “WHEREAS, the Hamlin Town Board, being elected to represent the People of Hamlin and being duly sworn by their Oath of Office to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York, and…”

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New York State Conservation Council statement opposing the NY SAFE Act

Attached is a statement sent to legislative leaders from the NYS Conservation Council concerning our opposition to the NY SAFE Act. [NYSCC] appreciate the efforts of SCOPE, NYSRPA and other groups in leading the charge, providing information and “rallying the troops” to action in the various gatherings that were and are still being held in opposition to this onerous legislation. NYSCC will continue in its efforts to establish roads for meaningful communication with legislative representatives. Thanks to all who spoke out, attended one or more of the rallies, wrote letters, made phone calls, signed petitions, and generally supported our Second Amendment rights. Keep up the good work!!

SAFE Act Letter by Evan Hempel

GLENVILLE : Town Board backs repeal of SAFE Act

The Glenville Town Board is backing repeal of the New York SAFE Act.

More than 60 people packed Town Hall on Wednesday to request the board approve a resolution asking the state to scrap the law that bans the sale of assaultstyle weapons, caps the number of rounds a magazine can hold at seven, and requires private gun sellers to conduct background checks on prospective buyers.

Mark Storti, a sportsman who is member of two local fish and game clubs, said the law was passed hastily without any feedback from law enforcement and without the opportunity for legislators to even read the bill.

“We believe the New York SAFE Act violates our constitutional rights, infringes on our property rights. It will do very little to safeguard citizens,” he said.

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Association of Erie County Governments votes for repeal of state’s gun safety law.

A group representing local governments in Erie County is supporting calls to repeal the state’s new gun- control law.

At its monthly meeting Thursday, the Association of Erie County Governments went on record in opposition to the 2013 New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, commonly known as the NY SAFE Act. The law was approved Jan. 15 by the State Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo the same day.

The association is made up of representative lawmakers from the 25 towns, 16 villages and three cities in Erie County. They represent about 1 million people.

The association approved a resolution that says the SAFE Act is a violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and that it infringes on the rights of citizens in the state without due process.

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Town of East Bloomfield resolution opposing NY SAFE Act


WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of East Bloomfield believes that the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act was passed into law hastily and without sufficient input from appointed and elected officials, the public or organizations; and

WHEREAS, components of the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act seem to violate the rights pertaining to firearms as articulated in the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States Constitution; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that this Town Board of the Town of East Bloomfield does hereby call for the repeal of the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act; and, be it also

RESOLVED, that certified copies of this resolution be forwarded to the Ontario County Board of Supervisors, Assemblyman Brian Kolb, Senator Ted O’Brien and Governor Andrew Cuomo.