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Looking to pass a resolution in your City or Town?  We recommend this one.

We have a separate page for resolutions prohibiting New York State from using County Seals / Names / Logos in SAFE act related communications.

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  1. Thank all who have had anything to do with making the site available!

  2. The Governors SAFE ACT. I want you to know that I will be suspending any further support to any party that has voted to take away our 2nd amendment rights. What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand?; they have disappointed me for the last time. I have been ashamed before of the actions of the so called professionals in Albany but this is the last straw. Members of the legislature that turned their backs on the Constitution and the people of New York, that not only will they not recieve support from me until the SAFE Act is repealed but I will actively work within my union, my club, and my associated to prevent their re-election. Top of the list of US States in tax bills, taking our freedoms away from us, enough is enough.
    New York resiidents have been taken on a ride we deserve the same rights as other citizens of the United States of America. Repeal the Bill!NOW!

  3. + Towns of Hoosick, Jackson. Town of Cambridge passed something but I’m unsure what the resolution actually stated, FYI.

  4. I understand the Town of Unionvale in Dutchess county passed a resolution opposing the safe act

  5. our thanks to all who are working so hard to defeat this madness ,WE ALL must come together . one thing I am really tired of hearing is those of us who think that it will stop with just ” ASSAULT RIFLES” YOU are DEAD WRONG . The agenda is ALL fire arms and the sooner you wake up and realize this ,
    then and only then will we be able to defeat the “progressive” {communists} from succeeding in thier attempt to enslave us .ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO SUCCEED IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING !!

  6. NY State Police Troopers Union?

  7. Do not stop at any point until these people are out of office forever. Starting with “The Most Embrrassing Governor.”
    These people tried to use the good people of NYS as stepping stones, to advance their personal political career., without a care for anyone but themselves. You have support across America.

    • Bill you’re 100% on target! Regardless of what happens to the NY Safe Act Law in the future, e.g. Repealed, Amended to appease the people (a bone) , etc.. Those that voted yes to the law must never be supported in the polls. They all must be thrown out of office.
      You don’t give 2nd chances to those that infringe on your 2nd amendment rights.

  8. Excellent site, please keep it going! Molon Labe.

  9. My parents throughout my lifetime always told me how important it was to vote. When your young and know it all you don’t bother. Always vote its your right and your voice does count . Just look at how Obummer picked so many of young peop[e of his type and drove them to vote it worked. It could also work for us doubt we will get a ride but keep these poeple out of politics and vote the buffoons out. No matter how young or old your vote counts and we could keep these bums out office MY intentention is not racists it includes definitely Obama , McCArthy, Falnagan,Feinstein,Cuomo Hilary Holder Etc. ALL the liars wh0 want the United States Of Socialism as there dream Believe it or not I was told by a Senator That he did not get to read the bill but liked the mental health issues that were rumored to be in the bill but he could not believe the rest but it was to late just imagine that they w0uld sing somthing never read

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  11. Why hasn’t Westchester county passed a resolution? I would surely like to see our governor thrown out of office. It is a little unfair to the rank and file legislators who often must go along with the leadership. The leadership is the culprit, Democratic and Republican. If a rank and file legislator who does not have an independent base tries to buck the leadership, that member is going to spend the rest of his/her legislative career at the back of the senate or assembly chamber perhaps serving on the asphalt and pothole committee. You have to put pressure on Silver and Skelos those are the guys who have the power. As for the governor, if he has awoken from his slumber he may now understand that not only has he lost his shot at the presidency but he may not even be reelected.

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  13. Great job. Keep up the good work.

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  15. Westchester won’t go against the govenor’s new laws any more then they will go against Mayor Bloomberg – the county is nothing but an extension of the City.

  16. How incredibly sad that people of NY just sit back and allow our rights to be taken. May God have Mercy on your souls.

    • Maureen, The people of NY are not just sitting back and “allowing our Rights to be taken”. This Bill was passed literally in the darkness of night with no prior knowledge of the Bill that the Governor presented to the Senate. There have been several record setting Demonstrations in the middle of NY’s winter and many many emails, letters, smaller gatherings and protests throughout the state with more scheduled.
      Many phone calls have been made to our legislators offices and thousands have visited their legislators at their Albany offices and local offices.
      Have you done anything for the effort Maureen?

    • The Broome County legislature will be meeting Thursday evening April 18th to most likely adopt a resolution in opposition the the NY SAFE Act.

      Everyone within an hours drive should attend.

  17. We now have 37 counties that have passed resolutions , chatauqua passed , allegeny passed along with genesee county passed with a few more we will win in albany because these so called senators or what ever either vote for us , or the unemployment line for them . NUFF SAID

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  19. This is NOT A state issue!!!!!!!!!!!

    There was a direct reason the 2nd Amendment was written!!!!!!!! TO PROTECT AGAINST EXACTLY, what QUOMO DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. In a state that waists BILLIONS of DOLLARS (TAX DOLLARS)!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t explain where the 911 fees we have all been paying since 2004 (maybe earlier), THIS STATE WAISTS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS/billions OF DOLLARS, then will audit your tax return!!!!
    While they pay 200mil on welfare!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELLO!!! When will it be enough??

    The bottom will come, hope I am still alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Paul H. Daniels Jr.

    Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained,for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.–Abraham Lincoln Too bad we don’t have people in office with this much common sense.

  22. I just don’t see how any clear thinking individual would believe that criminals and/or people with mental issues will obey these laws. I have come to believe that this just the next step in getting guns away from law abiding citizens.
    George Soros, the always delightful Senator Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg have all said they want guns gone from the planet.
    Let’s see, Feinstein owns a gun, Bloomberg has security paid for by the taxpayer and Soros can well afford armed bodyguards.
    The founding fathers did not create the 2nd amendment for nothing. It’s as if they saw these people coming!

  23. Thanks to all who created and continue updating this site. I’ve referred to it quite a bit now; shared it with folks such as Oneida Counties Pistol Clerk office and my own private e-mail distribution group, and we’ve posted copies at work. Please thank Sean at the NC Blog that is tracking (115 now!) companies that are boycotting NYS; I did, he was kind enough to write back and share his thoughts with me on this entire mess. Thanks as well to the 10,000+ patrtiots that answered NYSRPA’s and NRA’s call to rally in Albany on the 28th of Feb. Makes this retired veteran proud to be an American to see how we all can actually unite to defend our freedoms. Let’s hope this growing avalanche of support will push our legislators to do the right thing. We need to keep the pressure up, otherwise we’ll end up like CO with the pending shotgun ban. At least MAGPUL is holding their feet to the fire; wish S&W, Glock, Ruger, Kimber, ATI, OTIS, Kahr, and Remington would do the same here…

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  25. Jefferson County passed it March 5, 2013.

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  27. When will this list be updated?

  28. Joseph Rivieccio

    Government is a Big Spoiled Baby – Feeding off its parents (the people) flying solo and making trouble when not using the good sense it was taught. It is overgrown and rotten – no longer able to serve it’s duty sensibly.

  29. Looking at the MAP, upstate NY should SUCCEED from the STATE of New York. We’re tired of the downstate lawmakers interfering in our business, lives and taxation and our 2A. We need to become our OWN state. Coming oringinally from NYC area now living upstate (near lakes), when you say “upstate NY to downstate folks” it really means Rockland and Orange County. Either SUCCEED or vote these DEM/PROGs out of office!!!! I’m tired of the left, gun-grabbin libtard lawmakers in NY !!!!!!

  30. The anti-SAFE resolutions….now in video form:

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  32. This just in: upstate NY is rural and conservative. Wow!

    Fun fact: 2/3 of NY’s population lives in counties that have NOT passed an anti-NYSAFE resolution. (This number may be a low estimate, because it assumes that all of the resolutions on the updated list at your site DO categorically call for the repeal of NYSAFE. I haven’t clicked through them, but I’m willing to bet some of them are more ambivalent than that.)

    But I guess that if land area counts more than public support, then your message is on point: the hills and valleys of NY just don’t support Bloomberg’s new law.

    • Should the people who want a gun ban and live in areas that already have a gun ban force gun control on people in areas who do not want the law?

  33. Wayne L last night in response to loony Bloomberg hit the nail on the head when he brought up how pitiful some large cities are regarding in enforcing the gun laws that they have. Chicago is lowest on the list. It sure seems that places like these take crime so casually is that they can always have a meaty issue to pursue and when questioned by the citizens about why crime is so bad they simply blame it on the NRA and go off on attacking the straw man that they always throw out as their trump card. The losers in all of that are the citizens why fell for that con job of political opportunists.

  34. Guys I so agree with you. In addition I want to say, NYSAFE Act is violation of Constitution and who sign it are criminals and deserve long jail time. All who sign it!!! Let Me know if you agree with Me. Thank You

  35. I am DEEPLY EMBARASSED to be a Long Islander. I dont know if our sheriffs are just pansys, or people just dont care. I live in Suffolk county and am depressed about this. I am seriously thinking about moving to PA, its the same distance from the city and the constitution of Pennsylvania prevents the gungrabbers from doing any harm.

  36. I will definitely propose one of these anti-SAFE Act resolutions in the Village of Maybrook! So happy that Orange County is against this Act!

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